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Two weeks in England in July with Irene


D 21 janvier 2013     H 07:30     A Annie Lesca     C 0 messages

All these photos and commentaries were from the lady who visited England two years ago. Thanks a lot.

A hedge of lavander and white roses : lavander’s perfume has a repulsive action on beatles which might attack rose-trees. But the grass was yellow because it had been a very hot season.
These trees are widely known as "tulip trees" for their large flowers superficially look like tulips, though they are not closely related to true tulips. The Latin Liriodendron actually means "lily tree", though again the resemblance is only superficial. Liriodendron trees are easily recognized by their leaves, which are distinctive, having four lobes in most cases and a cross-cut notched or straight apex. (wikipedia)
In Brighton, we had lunch in an Italian restaurant, then we walked on pavements which were very clean ; we could see a lot of sewing machines through the glass-window of this shop.


At the entrance of Hampton Court Castle there was a guard in a uniform and a huge tree

We met Henry the VIII and two of his wives and thought we were in Blue Beard Castle. We were told that our Francis the 1st was said to be 1cm taller than him.
A small garden with strange animals sitting on poles to watch out.
The kitchen : the fire place, the kitchen with benches, paddles for the oven, beakers (drinking), cauldrons in copper, storage places.

An arm-wrestling contest between Henry the VIIIth and one of his servants who engaged in a trial of strength with him. They both put their elbows (folded arms) on a barrel and held tight to each other’s hand until the king wins, of course.
The beautiful gardens and the river Thames just nearby.

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