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Tuesday, December 3

D 3 décembre 2013     H 14:29     A Annie Lesca     C 0 messages


An hour and a half which was spent in a very quiet and soothing way ; but still, we had time to speak and learn new words. Here is our working-table.

And here are our works of art with colours :

If I fall asleep, wake me up ! said one of us in HIS usual whimsical way.


How should we colour the drawings ? From the center to the outside, for those who wish to open up to others ; from the outer part down to the center, for those who need to focus.


Blue and green are cold, peaceful colours ; red and orange are warm exciting colours.
They can be shaded, clearer or darker ; they can be mixed as well, or blurred with your finger or a piece of paper since blotting paper cannot be found any longer.
N. will bring us a dictionary of colours and symbols next time.
C. was a very obliging handyman, as usual, who helped us with our compasses.


A sheet of paper to be cut into a square without folding it, a compass, a ruler, a rubber, black pencils, and her we go under I.’s relevant advices.

We all had vivid remembrances of geometry-classes and had no problems reporting six times a radius on our circles.
We were even able to draw perfect lines with our rulers but we had to focus when it came to symmetry and our tongues became quieter, except for a "private exchange" about the Blue Lion in La Bastide by Xavier Veilhan. Here is his purple carriage in Versailles. Some of us were doubtful about his pieces of art.

Next time, in January, we shall draw our personal patterns in each of the six parts of our own mandalas with tracing paper. Great ! WE SHALL MANAGE AND SUCCEED.

Our teacher felt exhausted at the end : it reminded her of her evenings after school-days. She even said that teaching adults is harder than teaching children...

Drawing lessons... in French, with a ruler and a compass


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