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Report by a French student of seventeen, for her English class.

A very important social revolution took place in the late sixties in the United Kingdom.

It started with a political revolution, when Harold Wilson, from the Labour Party, became Prime Minister from 1964 to 1970.

In July 1966, England was the winner of the football World Cup.

During the same period, England became an artistic center for modernism :

  • in music with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones,
  • and in fashion with the top model Twiggy ;
    they all had an international career.

As a consequence of the baby-boom of the fifties, teen-agers were in a greater number, which led to a revolution in several fields :

- In economics, the consumers were no longer the same, which led to changes in advertisements and communication ;

- In culture, a real counterculture arose, against the traditional values and lifestyles of established society, with the hippy movement, the circulation of drugs and the success of the pill for sexual relations.

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