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Australian bouquets in 1836

D 15 août 2014     H 10:32     A Annie Lesca     C 0 messages

The Romance of Nature ; or, The Flower-Seasons Illustrated by Louisa Anne Twamley can be found on wikisource.

Can you find out the names and seasons of these flowers ?

The titles of her twenty-four poems :

How about reading aloud this beautiful piece of poetry ?


The Ladye was fair as Ladye could be,
 And had lands both broad and fine,
And was wooed by bold Barons of high degree,
 Yet blushed at a suit like mine.

She lent to them all a ready ear,
 Joined hands with them in the dance ;
And each deemed himself to her most dear,
 While cheered by her sunny glance.

Her voice was gay, and her step was light
 Mid them, in hall and bower,
But soon ’neath my gaze she shrunk, as a blight
 Withers the summer-flower...

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